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Database for the confirmation of compliance with the requirements for solid fuel burning appliances

The database informs whether a solid fuel burning appliance meets specific emission limits. 

Consumers, chimney sweepers, craftsmen and other interested parties are able to obtain information from the database about the compliance of different appliances with the emissions and efficiency requirements. The HKI as an independent, neutral and qualified body verifies and evaluates accurately the product characteristics based on the emission requirements of the type test. All manufacturers of solid fuel burning appliances have the possibility to register their appliances on the database.

The database offers a very convenient and time-saving way to look up whether a solid fuel burning appliance meets the requirements set by the following regulations:

  • Ecodesign-Regulation EU-2015/1185
  • 1.BImSchV in Germany
  • Austrian regulation referred to Art 15a B-VG about the placing on the market and inspection of fireplaces.
  • Swiss clean air act
  • Danish regulation for air pollution from wood burners
  • Promotion „crédit d’impôt“ in France
  • Italian certification decree 186

The database also provides information about flue gas values and the approval for room sealed operation, the possible installation in a shared flue system and the connection to a central heating system.

If there are several flue gas values available for an appliance, only the flue gas values of the closed operation of the appliance are entered into our database.

The basics and requirements for the entry of solid fuel burning appliances are available under following link.

It is possible to expand the database to include the requirements of other countries, please contact the HKI association (cert(at)hki-online.de).

Requirements of the promotional program „crédit d’impôt“ in France

The database has been extended to include the requirements of the program „crédit d’impôt“ for solid fuel burning appliances.  „Crédit d’impôt“ offers the possibility of a tax deduction of the (partial)costs for the exchanging of an old appliance with a new appliances within France.  The data base user can see in the data sheet which class 5*, 6* or 7* an appliances fulfills, comparable to the requirements of the label “Flamme Verte”. The information for the value of the index “I” is available in “Details”.

In some regions of France it is also possible to apply for the “Aide du air bois” if an appliance fulfills the class 7* (“Flamme Verte” 7* or 7*equivalent) and replaces and old appliance.

Information to „Aide du Air Bois“ is available under https://www.ademe.fr/particuliers-eco-citoyens/financez-projet/renovation/aide-fonds-air. A list of appliances in our database, which fulfill the requirements 7* and are eligible for „Aide du Air Bois“, can be found here.

Data base for confirmation of requirements on residential solid fuel burning appliances of the HKI- quality label

The database has been expanded to include information about the HKI quality label and which appliances meet the requirements of this quality mark.

HKI has developed a quality label with practical requirements that go beyond current legislative requirements. The Objective is to achieve permanently low emission rates and high efficiency values of the appliances even in practical operation.

This quality label is also intended to assist communities in meeting the European targets for particulate matter (PM10 and PM2,5) and can be used as a tool e. g. in the preparation of clean air acts.

Basic information and the requirements of the HKI-quality label can be found here and the appliances with the HKI quality label can be found here.

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